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Switch Simulator Labs 

The switch labs made available in the Switch Simulator are given below. The labs are intended to provide some hands-on practice to beginners. It is encouraged that you write your own labs and practice after going through the labs provided here. Please note that we add and/modify the labs from time to time.



Switch Fundamentals:

1.1 2950 console password assignment
1.2 2950 vty password assignment
1.3 2950 setting privileged EXE password
1.4 2950 enable interface
1.5 Basic interface configuration
1.6 Initial switch configuration
1.7 Catalyst 2950 switch configuration
1.8 Setting port speed and mode on switch
1.9 Configuring port-security on a switchport
2.0 Switch Configuration and VLAN
2.1 Basic IP configuration
2.2 Configuring 2950 series switch
2.3 Troubleshooting 2950 switch
2.4 2950 Trunking Configuration
2.5 Creating and Deleting 2950 VLANs
2.6 Configuring VTP on 2950 switch 
2.7 Configuring VTP with a VTP Client
2.8 Troubleshooting lab with non-matching domains
2.9 Troubleshooting lab with trunk functionality 
2.10 Configuring devices to support VLAN
2.11 VTP Configuration to establish client/server connection
2.12 VLANs and Trunking between switches
2.13 Routing between VLANs
3.0 Exercises on Spanning Tree Protocol
3.1 Enabling STP
3.2 Configuring root switch
3.3 Configuring port-priority
3.4 Configuring switch priority of a VLAN
3.5 Configuring STP timers
3.6 Verifying STP
4.0 Exercises on PVST
4.1 Enabling and disabling uplinkfast feature on a switch
4.2 Enabling and disabling backbonefast feature on a switch
4.3 Enabling and disabling portfast feature on a switch
4.4 Enabling PVST+ on a switch
4.5 Implementing PVST on a switch network


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Updated on 11/5/2011

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