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Basic Switch IP Configuration

Description: Configure hostname as Switch1, and set the switch ip address to, subnet mask Also, set the default-gateway to


1. Enter user Exec mode

2. Enter privileged Exec mode

3. Assign the hostname “Switch1”

4. Assign an ip address

5. Assign default gateway route

6. Exit switch configuration mode

SW1#configure terminal
SW1(config)#hostname Switch1
Switch1(config)#interface vlan 1
Switch1(config-if)#ip address
Switch1(config)#ip default-gateway
Switch1#show running-config

Explanation: A default gateway allows devices on a network to communicate with devices on another network. Without it, the network is isolated from the outside. Basically, devices send data that is bound for other networks (one that does not belong to its local IP range) through the default gateway.

Hostname of SW1 is changed to Switch1 , and vlan1 interface is configured with ip address as and default-gateway as 

Below screenshot shows output from “show running-config” command.

lab image
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