Cert-Ex™ Network Simulator w/ Designer for Juniper

Practice NetSim with Network Designer for Juniper Certification

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Juniper Network Simulator and Designer Download
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The Cert-Ex™ Juniper Network Simulator w/ Designer provides a virtual lab environment where a router network can be simulated. The software is primarily intended for candidates preparing for JNCIA exams.

Please contact sales[at]certexams.com for academic pricing for bulk licenses.

Important features of Network Simulator With Designer:

  • Lab exercises for hands-on practice.

  • Simulate Juniper® J-series routers (J2320, J2350, J4350 and J6350) and M-series routers (M7i and M10i)

  • Simulate Juniper® Junos routers.

  • Support for several router commands

  • Detailed help files

  • Support short form commands. You can type short form commands in Junos simulator.

  • Router simulator

  • Network designer that provides drag and drop feature for inserting devices and connectors. GUI based device configurator.

  • Detailed Lab Manual provided.

  • Connectors available are Serial, Ethernet, Sonet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, E1, T1, T3

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