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Routing Policy Lab 2

Console Based  |  GUI Based 

Console Based :

Description: Use this lab to configure the routing policy on router, by specifying the match condition to reject all rip routes, that is checked against the source address of the route advertised.


1. Enter into configuration mode.

2. Create a policy statement by name as same as riproutes.

3. Create a term under the policy created above by the name as AdvRip.

4. Create a match condition and specify to reject rip routes under the above term.

GUI Based :


1. Select device R1 from select device drop down box

2. Click Configure that enables left navigation pane

3. Select Routing -> Policies

4. Policy configuration screen appears enter policy name as riproutes in Policy Name field ,termname as AdvRip in Term Name field , select protocol rip From Protocol drop down box and select Reject option button and click OK button.

Note: Please refer to the CertExams.com Juniper Network Simulator software for complete lab with GUI Interface.

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