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IPV6 show commands

Enabling IPV6 : In junos ipv6 is enabled as soon as one interface is configured for ipv6

lab image

Description: The lab exercise demonstrates some of the IPV6 show commands available.


1. Enter into configuration mode

2. Enter the [edit interfaces] mode to configure the ipv6 address of so-0/0/0 interface of R1.

3. Issue “show ipv6 neighbors”

4. Issue “show interfaces terse”

5. Issue “show interfaces so-0/0/0 terse”

On R1

user@R1#edit interfaces so-0/0/0
[edit interfaces so-0/0/0]
user@R1#set unit 0 family inet6 address 4218:fe2:3::1/64
[edit interfaces so-0/0/0]
commit complete
user@R1>show ipv6 neighbors
user@R1>show interfaces terse
user@R1>show interfaces so-0/0/0 terse

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