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Configuring routed VLAN interface

Description: This exercise explains the commands required to route traffic between two VLANs on the same switch.

lab image


1. Create the management and finance department VLANs by configuring the VLAN IDs for them

2. Configure the interface for the management server in the management VLAN

3. Configure the interface for the management access point in the management VLAN

4. Configure the interface for the finance server in the finance VLAN

5. Configure the interface for the finance access point in the finance VLAN

6. Create the interface named vlan with a logical unit in the management broadcast domain (management VLAN)

7. Add a logical unit in the finance broadcast domain (finance VLAN) to the vlan interface

8. Complete the RVI configuration by binding the management and finance VLANs (Layer 2) with the appropriate logical units of the vlan interface (Layer 3)

9. Verify using show commands

Note: Please refer to the CertExams.com Juniper Simulator software for complete lab with commands

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