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Configuring guardband and maximum power on PoE enabled interface

Description: This exercise demonstrates the commands required to configure parameters like guard-band and max power on a PoE enabled interface.


1. Enter into PoE hierarchy mode on SW2 that has PoE enabled ports.

2. Guard-band syntax is “Set guard-band <watts>”. Range to be set is 0 through 19 where default value is 0

3. Maximum power syntax is “Set interface (all | interface-name) maximum-power <watts>”. Range to be set is 0.0 through 18.6 for EX3200 and EX4200 switches and 0.0 through 30.0 for EX2200 switches and Default is: 15.4 for EX3200 and EX4200 switches and 30.0 for EX2200 switches

4. Verify using show poe interface command that display status of all PoE ports on the switch.

user@SW2#edit poe
[edit poe]
user@SW2#set guard-band 12
[edit poe]
user@SW2#set interface ge-0/0/0 maximum-power 18.6
[edit poe]
user@SW2>show poe interface


Guard-band: Reserve a specified amount of power out of the PoE power budget in case of a spike in PoE consumption. 
Maximum-Power: Set the maximum amount of power that the switch can supply to the PoE port.

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