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Configuring Static Routes

Description:Configure static route mask with next hop address of


1. Enter into Global Configuration Mode

2. Configure a static route to a destination sub-network ( with 24-bit subnet mask and next hop IP address of

Explanation: Routes that are permanent fixtures in the routing and forwarding tables are often configured as static routes. These routes generally do not change, and often include only one or very few paths to the destination. To create a static route in the routing table, you must, at minimum, define the route as static and associate a next-hop address with it. The static route in the routing table is inserted into the forwarding table when the next-hop address is reachable. All traffic destined for the static route is transmitted to the next-hop address for transit.

syntax: ip route prefix mask {address|interface} [distance]

prefix mask: is the ip route prefix and mask for the destination.
address|interface: Use either the next hop router ip or the local router outbound interface used to reach the destination.
distance: is the administrative distance and an optional parameter.

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