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Configuring the IPSEC Phase 2 VPN tunnel and reference the IPSEC Phase 2 policy

Description: Lab exercise explains configuring IPSEC Phase 2 VPN tunnel

Command Syntax:

[edit security ipsec]
vpn <vpn-name>{
bind-interface st0.x; -------------------- is necessary only for route based VPNs
ike {
gateway <gateway-name>;
ipsec-policy <policy-name>;
manual { --------------------------- is necessary if using manual key
establish-tunnels [immediately | on-traffic];

Network Diagram:

lab image


1. Specify the IKE gateway.

2. Specify the IPsec Phase 2 policy.

3. Specify that the tunnel be brought up immediately without waiting for a verification packet to be sent.

Please refer to the CertExams.com Juniper Network Simulator software for complete lab.

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