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Configuring IKE Phase 1 Policy

Description: Lab exercise explains configuration ike phase1 policy for a VPN tunnel

The IKE policy will specify main mode which is most commonly used for site-to-site VPNs in which both peers have static IP addresses. Aggressive mode is typically used when one peer is a dynamic eer. For both peers, the mode must match. In the IKE policy, the phase 1 proposal is defined as well as the preshared-key.

Command Syntax:

[edit security ike]
policy <policy-name>{
mode [main | aggressive];
(proposals proposal-name) | (proposal-set [basic | compatible | standard]);
pre-shared-key [ascii-text | hexadecimal];

Network Diagram:

lab image


1. Create a IKE Phase1 policy

2. Set the IKE Phase 1 policy mode.

3. Specify a reference to the IKE proposal.

4. Define the IKE Phase 1 policy authentication method.

Please refer to the CertExams.com Juniper Network Simulator software for complete lab.

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