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Assigning ip address to PC(computer) from DHCP server

Console Based  |  GUI Based 

Console Based :

Description: The lab exercise explains dynamically assigning ip address to computers via DHCP server.

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1. Connect to R1 and configure the IP address of on the ge-0/0/0 interface and also configure the R1 as DHCP server

2. To assign ip address to PC1 click network diagram button and in network diagram window click PC1 icon from the diagram and in PC1 prompt type ip dhcp command

3. To check the client gets ip address from server type show ip command on PC1 prompt

GUI Based :


1. Select device R1 from select device drop down and select Interfaces > Interface Configuration from left navigation pane

2. In Interface configuration screen select ge-0/0/0 interface and click Edit button

3. Assign as IP address in configure interfaces screen and click OK button

4. To configure DHCP pool and Server select Services > DHCP Server from left navigation pane

5. In DHCP Pool Information screen click Add button.

6. In DHCP Pool and Server configuration screen enter as dhcp subnet and prefix as 24 , Address Range low as , Address range high as , default-lease-time 1428700 , maximum-lease-time as 2356210 , server identifier as , domain-name xyz.com , DNS Name Server , Gateway Router as and click OK button

7. For the security zone (for example, untrust) to which the interface is bound, specify DHCP as a host-inbound service . To do this select Security > Zones from left navigation pane

8. In security zones screen enter untrust as zone name and select ge-0/0/0 from select interface type drop down and click OK button

9. To dynamically assign ip address to PC(computer) select device PC1 from select device drop down and select PC IPV4 Properties from left navigation pane

10. PC IPV4 configuration window appears click option button Obtain IP address Automatically (if it was not selected) and then click OK button

Note: Please refer to the CertExams.com Juniper Network Simulator software for complete lab with GUI Interface.

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