Network+™ Lab Simulator : About Lab Simulator Console window

This section describes the functionality of the lab simulator console window. Screen-shot of the Lab Simulator console window is given below:

Help Image 1


1. Save Configuration: "Save Config" button is used for saving the network configuration for later use. On selecting this button, you will be prompted for a filename under which the current configuration of the network has to be saved. The file will have an extension .com. By default this file is stored under "User_conf" directory.

The figure below shows the dialogue box used for saving the current Configuration.

Help Image 1


2. Load Configuration: "Load Config" button may be used to load a previously saved configuration. Say, you need to take a Coffee break. The just save the configuration using "Save Config", and you may quit the application and shut down the system. You can load the configuration using "Load Config" when you are ready to explore further!

3. Exit: It just exits from the Network Lab Simulator and gives control back to the Main program window.

4. Lab Title: It indicates Lab Title. Note that lab title is optional and sometimes it may read blank spaces!

5. Date and Time Stamp: It indicates current date and time.

6. Network Description: This represents a short description of the lab that you are working with. When you are working with labs provided in the manual, detailed instructions are provided in the manual.

7. Select device to configure: You can select the device from this drop down list for configuration , devices can also be selected by clicking the device in the network diagram.

8. Network Diagram: This is again a very important area. It shows the lab that is currently loaded on your LabSim. Routers and Switches need to be configured using CLI (Comand Line Interface), whereas Servers, Workstations, and Wireless Access Points (WAPs) have GUI based configurations. Some may have both GUI and CLI configurations available. For accessing GUI based configuration, you just need to click on the device that you need to configure. For CLI based configurations, you need to access the device by clicking on it, and then perform command line operations on that device.

9. Console Window: Device console is used for entering the commands. Start the console by giving a "carriage return". To begin with, a user prompt is displayed. You can use appropriate commands to practice as given in the supported commands. Note that it is sometimes frustrating to configure a network using CLI. You need to know the correct Mode before issuing a command. Check out our Lab Manual thoroughly and workout on practice labs to get familiarized with the Console.

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