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VLANs and Trunking between switches

Description : This lab demonstrates setting up VLAN’s on two switches namely SW1 and SW2 and test them by pinging between Router R1 and Workstation WS1 as shown in the figure below.

image labs


1. Configure workstation WS1 with an IP Address of and a default-gateway of

2. Configure R1 with an IP Address of on Ethernet 0 interface and enable the interface

3. Verify ping between R1 and WS1. Because R1, WS1 and switch-to-switch link are all in VLAN 1, the ping should be successful

4. Issue show vlan command on SW1 and SW2 and note that by default all switch ports are in VLAN 1

5. Enter into database mode on SW1 and SW2 and set up a vtp domain by name certexams and verify the same by issuing show vtp status command

6. Create VLAN 30 and name it switchvlan on SW1 and SW2, verify the same by issuing show vlan command

7. Next assign fa 0/1 port to the new VLAN created on SW1 and SW2. R1 and WS1 are attached to these ports. Issue show vlan command on SW1 and SW2 to verify if the ports have been moved to VLAN 30

8. Ping from WS1 to R1 and see that it fails because now both R1 and WS1 are in VLAN 30 and there is no trunk line enabled to carry the traffic for any VLAN

9. Configure trunk line between SW1 and SW2 and issue show interface fa 0/12 switchport command to verify that trunking is enabled on the port

10. Now ping from WS1 to R1 and check that ping is successful because both devices are in the same vlan and the inter-switch link is a trunk line

Note: Please refer to the CertExams.com Network Simulator software for complete lab with commands.

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