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NAT Scenario-3

Description: The purpose of this Lab is to configure NAT on the Destination router (NAT outside source) and the source router (NAT inside source) test for connectivity by pinging a remote router

lab image

IP Address Assignment Table

Device Interface IP Address Mask
R1 S0/0
R2 S0/0

NAT Mapping Table for Outside Source

Outside Local Outside Global


1. Assign IP addresses on all the devices as per the table given above

2. Create IP NAT Mapping (Hint: use inside source static command) on R1

3. Define IP NAT Inside and IP NAT Outside interfaces on R1

4. Create IP NAT Mapping (Hint: use outside source static command) on R2

5. Define IP NAT Inside and IP NAT Outside interfaces on R2

6. Test for Connectivity from PC1 to R2 by issuing ping command

 You need to assign the IP addresses and make the interfaces up (by issuing no shutdown commands at appropriate interfaces) for all the devices before proceeding with the commands.

Note: Please refer to the CertExams.com Network Simulator software for complete lab with commands. 

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