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Basic OSPF configuration using JSON

Description : The lab exercise explains how to configure OSPF using JSON


1. In a GUI simulator window(Graphical Network Configurator) click JSON Simulator button.

2. In JSON simulator window configure the following parameters. Enter appropriate JSON code in the console window for the same

3. Minimum and maximum length for routing protocol 4 and network address should be in x.x.x.x format

1. routing-protocol:ospf
2. routing-protocol-id:10
3. network:
4. area:100


JSON schema for configuring OSPF is

"description": "ospf-network",
"properties": {"routing-protocol": {"type": "string","minLength": 4,"maxLength": 4},
"routing-protocol-id": {"type": "string","minLength": 2,"maxLength": 25},
"network": {"type":"string","format":"ip-address"},
"required": ["routing-protocol","routing-protocol-id","network","area"]

 Please refer to the CertExams.com Network Simulator software for complete lab with commands. 

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