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Introduction to switch

Description: A basic exercise to get familiar with the different commands related to switch . Choose 2950 switch from the N/W diagram, and use the following commands.

The switch initial startup status can be verified using the below status commands:

Show version: Displays the configuration of the system hardware and the currently loaded IOS software version information

Show running-config: Displays the current active running configuration of the switch. This command requires privileged EXEC mode access.

Show interfaces: Displays statistics and status information of all the interfaces on the switch.


1. Connect to switch and you should see the user mode prompt

2. Show version command displays the IOS version of the switch

3. Show interfaces command displays the interfaces of the switch

4. Show running-config displays the running configuration

2950#show version
2950#show interfaces
2950#show running-config

Note: Please refer to the CertExams.com Network Simulator software for complete lab with commands.

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