CertExams.com Simulator Lab Exercises Answers

Implement and verify IPv6 static route

Description: This lab demonstrates configuring and verifying IPv6 static routes in a network


1. Configure ipv6 address on all the devices based on the ip address assignment table

2. Enable ipv6 unicast-routing on R1 and R2

3. Assign default-gateway-address to WS1 and WS2

4. Ping from R1 to WS1 and R2 to WS2 and see that they are successful

5. Ping from WS1 to WS2 and see that it fails

6. Now set up a ipv6 static route on R1 and R2 using ipv6 route command and by specifying the appropriate destination address and next hop address/interface

7. Now ping from WS1 to WS2 and see that it is success.

 Please refer to the CertExams.com Network Simulator software for complete lab with commands. 

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