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Configuring IP DHCP Helper Address

Description: The lab exercise demonstrate the configuration and verification of an IP DHCP helper addresses. That is configure the DHCP relay agent to forward packets to a DHCP server.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol helps us to address dynamically our hosts on the network. When a Host is configured to get its IP address dynamically, it will broadcast a DHCP REQUEST on the network searching for a DHCP SERVER.

The problem here is that DHCP SERVER has to be on the same broadcast domain as the CLIENTS since routers do not forward broadcast packets.

DHCP Client wants to get an IP address, it will send a DHCP Discover message which is a broadcast message. As the Router do not forward broadcast packets, this message will never reach the DHCP Server, and as a result: No IP address for DHCP Client. To solve this problem, the DHCP Relay Agent feature is used on routers to forward DHCP messages to the DHCP Server, and when the DHCP Server respond, the Router will forward the replies to the Client.

 Please refer to the CertExams.com Network Simulator software for complete lab with commands. 

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