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Configuring EIGRPv6 on two routers and pinging between them

Description: This lab exercise demonstrates steps required to configure EIGRPv6 on two routers and testing the connectivity between them using ping command. lab image


1. Enter into privileged mode on router Boston (BN).
2. Enter into global configuration mode.
3. Enter the command "ipv6 unicast-routing" that enables the forwarding of IPv6 unicast datagrams globally on the router.
4. Enter into interface configuration mode and assign an IPv6 address on the interface.
5. Use the command "ipv6 eigrp <as-number>" to enable EIGRP for IPv6 on a specified interface and then issue no shutdown command to start the protocol.
6. Use the command "ipv6 router eigrp <as-number> to enter into router configuration mode and create an EIGRP IPv6 routing process.
7. The command "router-id <ip-address>" enables the use of a unique fixed router ID. Also use no shutdown command.
8. Repeat the same steps on Chicago (CG) and ping BN to test the connectivity.

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