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Configuring WLC WPA2 PSK

Description : The lab exercise explains configuration of WPA2 PSK using WLC GUI.


1. Click Wireless Simulator button to open WLC Simulator window. In the given WLC simulator window click WLAN tab to navigate to the WLANs page.

2. To configure a new WLAN, choose Create New from the drop-down list and click Go button, to navigate to WLAN new page.

3. In WLANs > New page select WLAN type as "WLAN" from Type drop down, profilename as MyWlan, SSID as CCNA, and choose the ID number for this WLAN from ID drop down list and click "Apply" button

4. The WLANs > Edit page appears, in general tab select Status checkbox to enable the WLAN.

5. Click security tab,select PSK from Auth key Mgmt,PSK Format as "ASCII" and PSK value as "WLCpassword" and click "Apply" button.

 Please refer to the CertExams.com Network Simulator software for complete lab with commands. 

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