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Configuring RADIUS Accounting

Description : The lab exercise explains the configuration of RADIUS server for accounting.

Authentication: The process of verifying users when they attempt to log into the controller.

Users must enter a valid username and password in order for the controller to authenticate users to the RADIUS server. If multiple databases are configured, you can specify the sequence in which the backend database must be tired.

Accounting: The process of recording user actions and changes. Whenever a user successfully executes an action, the RADIUS accounting server logs the changed attributes, the user ID of the person who made the change, the remote host where the user is logged in, the date and time when the command was executed,the authorization level of the user, and a description of the action performed and the values provided. If the RADIUS accounting server becomes unreachable, users are able to continue their sessions uninterrupted.


1. Choose Security > AAA > RADIUS and click Accounting

2. The RADIUS Accounting Servers page appears. This page lists any RADIUS servers that have already been configured.

3. To add a new server click “New” button RADIUS > Accounting new page appears.

4. Select server index from Server Index (Priority) drop-down list to specify the priority order of this server in relation to any other configured RADIUS servers providing the same service.

5. Enter the IP address of the RADIUS server as in the Server IP Address text box.

 Please refer to the CertExams.com Network Simulator software for complete lab with commands. 

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