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Basic show commands

Description:A basic exercise to get familiar and understand the various show commands available in the privileged mode..


1. Enter into privileged mode

2. Execute the following show commands one by one to verify the output.

SW1#show flash
SW1#show history
SW1#show ip interface brief
SW1#show mac-address-table
SW1#show running-config
SW1#show vlan
SW1#show vtp status

Explanation: “Show banner” command displays the banner configured on the switch, “Show flash” , flash memory is a special kind of memory that contains the operating system image file(s) on the switch, “Show history” command displays all the past commands still present in switch memory , “Show ip interface brief” command displays information about each interface , “Show mac-address-table” command displays mac-address-table on the switch , “Show runningconfig” displays the active configuration in memory. The currently active configuration script running on the switch is referred to as the running-config in the switch’s CLI , “Show vlan” and “show vtp status” displays the vlan and vtp information respectively.

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