Cisco® Router Simulator FAQ


1.How a simulator is different from a real router? Cisco® router simulator is not a replacement for a real router. A router simulator is primarily a learning tool. The simulator does not support any real functionality (such as real routing protocols or traffic) and does not have any Cisco® code (or any real router code) running on it. router simulator is neither affiliated nor endorsed by Cisco®. Please see Disclaimer . It aims at helping you understand router configuration tasks by simulating commands required for understanding key concepts. Only a subset of command that are frequently used are supported. The list of supported commands is provided here. <Top>

2. What are the major features of the simulator?

Lab exercises -currently 40+ labs are included.
Router console simulator
Simulate up to 3 Cisco® IOS routers
60+ router commands supported
Labs for 1900 and 2950 switches included
Detailed help files
The demo version is limited to a fewer labs, and only up to global configuration mode is supported in demo version. <Top>

3. Upto how many routers can be simulated using the router simulator?

You can simulate upto 3 routers.  <Top>

4. How many router commands are supported at this time?

60+ router commands that are frequently used are supported. More commands will be supported in future versions. Please view supported command set. <Top>

5. Does the simulator support Cisco switches?

Switch commands are not supported at this time. However, future versions will have switch command support. <Top>

6. When do you require a simulator?

A simulator is useful as a learning tool. It can simulate multiple routers and allows you to configure the routers as if you were configuring them on real routers. This provides you familiarity of router console and network configuration at a fraction of a cost of buying real routers. It is useful even if you are not taking any certification exam, but just want to have some hands-on experience. However, please be cautioned that the program provides only a simulated environment and have several limitations. <Top>

7. What is the difference between full version and the demo version?

The demo version has limited lab exercises, and support only a few router commands compared to Full version. <Top>

8. Do you provide free upgrades? If so, for how long?

Upgrades are provided free of cost for up to 6 months from the date of purchase. You need to check the website from time to time for recent updates (usually an update will be made available within a span of every 2 months). <Top>

9. How do I contact you if I have any clarifications required?

Please see contact us for useful contact information. <Top>

10. How do I go about buying the router simulator? Is it safe to use credit card for purchase?

Yes, we use trusted third party credit card processor ( and We do not collect or store any credit card numbers. <Top>

11. I am just learning Cisco router configuration, and not a candidate for CCNA. Will it be still useful?

Yes, the simulator is intended as a general learning tool as well.  <Top>

12. Will you refund the money if I am not satisfied with the product?

A demo is provided for evaluation purpose. Normally, refund is provided for technical reasons such as installation problems. <Top>

13. What are the installation instructions required for installing the s/w?

Will be added soon. <Top>

14. I get an error during installation of the software. What shall I do?

It is likely that the error is not critical. Press ignore and proceed with the installation. If the program does not install properly, please contact us by email with exact nature of the problem (mention the error code if available). You can always un-install the program by using "Add/Remove Programs" applet in the "Control Panel" <Top>

15. Will you provide the software on a CD?

Yes, it is available through However, you will have to pay a nominal amount for this service. <Top>

16. Limitations of the router simulator:

17. While installing the software, I get a message that

A file being copied is .....
Do you want to keep this file?

Please click "Yes". Some files are shared among different software programmes. If a recent version is already installed, a message may come up saying that a newer version is available. Just choose to retain the newer version. <Back>

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