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Applying an Access List to an Interface

Console Based  |  GUI Based 

Console Based : 

Description: Apply access-list 1 to interface Ethernet 0 on R1. Apply the access-list on both incoming and outgoing interfaces.


1. Enter into Interface Configuration Mode. Use the interface Fastethernet0/0

2. Use no shut down command on fa0/0 interface

3. Assuming that an access-list 1 is created, apply it to the interface Fastethernet0/0 as an inbound access-list

4. Apply an access-list 1 to interface Fastethernet0/0 as an outbound access-list

R1#configure terminal
R1(config)#interface ethernet 0
R1(config-if)#no shutdown
R1(config-if)#ip access-group 1 in
R1(config-if)#ip access-group 1 out

GUI Based : 


1. Select device R1 from Select Device drop down list , click Configure > Router > ACL > ACL Editor > click Add button in Additional Tasks window.

2. In Add a Rule screen enter Access-List number 1 in Name/Number field

3. Select Standard Rule from Type drop down box and click Add button.

4. In Add a Standard Rule Entry screen select “permit” from Select an action drop down box and in Source Host/Network select “IP address” from Type drop down box and enter the ip address in the IP address field and click OK button.

5. Click Associate button in Add a Rule screen.

6. In Associate with an interface screen select Fastethernet0/0 from Select an interface drop down interface and select “Inbound” option button and click OK button

7. Click Associate button again in Add a Rule screen. Follow step 5

8. In associate with an interface select an interface Fastethernet0/0 and specify the direction “outbound” and click OK button. Follow step 6.

9. Also click OK button in Add a Rule window and then click close button in Additional Tasks window.

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