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Viewing ARP Entries

Description: This lab is to view the entries in the ARP table. Firstly the ARP table is checked before configuring the routers and then the ARP table is verified again after the routers are configured.


1. Connect to Router 1, and enter the command show arp to view the ARP table

2. Enter into global configuration mode of Router 1

3. Set IP address of Ethernet 0 as and subnet mask as

4. View the ARP table again

5. Connect to Router 2 and enter into global configuration mode

6. Set IP address of Ethernet 0 as and subnet mask as

7. A connection should now exist between the Router 1 and Router 2 Ethernet interfaces. To ensure that the connection is functional, ping the IP address of Router 1ís Ethernet 0 IP address from Router 2

8. View the ARP table on Router2

9. Clear the ARP table

10. View the ARP table once again after clearing

Note: Please refer to the CertExams.com Network Simulator software for complete lab with commands. 


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