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Setting Bandwidth on an Interface

Description: You setup the bandwidth on a given interface (interface serial 0) to a specified value (64 kbps). You also set the clock rate to 64000. Note that bandwidth is represented in kbps, where as clock rate is entered in bps. Choose R1 from the N/W diagram and exit to simulator terminal.

Syntax: bandwidth (interface): 

The command bandwidth <kilobits> will set and communicate the bandwidth value for an interface to higher-level protocols.

ex: bandwidth 64 will set the bandwidth to 64 kbps. Use no form of the command to set the bandwidth to default value.


1. Enter to serial 0 mode

2. Set bandwidth of serial 0 as 64 kbps

3. Set clockrate as 64000 bps

R1#configure terminal
R1(config)#interface serial 0
R1(config-if)#bandwidth 64
R1(config-if)#clock rate 64000


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