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Set Keepalive Timers

Description: Set keep-alive on an interface.

Syntax: keepalive <timer-value>

no keepalive

timer-value The number of seconds this router waits before sending the next keepalive message to a peer. Valid values are integers from 0 to 32767.

Description: Keepalive messages check the health of a link. The keepalive timer is the number of seconds a router waits between sending keepalive messages to a peer. If no response from the peer is received, the local router retransmits the keepalive message up to five times. If no response is received from the peer, the local router brings down the link and withdraws the route from the routing table.


1. Enter into Interface serial 0 Config mode 

2. Set keepalive Parameter of interface serial 0 to 15 seconds 

3. Type the show Command to see that keepalive parameter of interface serial 0 is set with 15

R1#configure terminal
R1(config)#interface serial 0
R1(config-if)#keepalive 15
R1#show interfaces serial 0

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