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Named Access List

  Description : This lab exercise demonstrates creating Named Access Lists

IP Address Assignment Table

Device Interface IP Address/Mask
R1 S0
R2 E0
Device IP Address/Mask Default-Gateway


1. Configure the routers R1, R2 and workstation WS1 as per the table given above.

2. Configure RIP on the routers with proper network statements

3. Issue show ip route command to make sure that the routes have been received on each router

4. Verify ping to R1 from WS1

5. Create an access list that prevents ping traffic originating from WS1 and destined for R1 from reaching R1

6. Extended access list is created and the statement deny icmp host log denies any ICMP traffic with a source IP Address of that is destined for, the wild card mask of,  i.e the IP Address must match exactly

7. Next, apply the access list to inbound traffic on the Serial 0 interface of R1

8. Try pinging R1 from WS1 and R1 from R2

9. Connect to R1 again, two separate log messages must be seen here. The first one is denying the ping from WS1 and second which is allowing the ping from R2

Note: Please refer to the CertExams.com Network Simulator software for complete lab with commands. 


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