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About Network Simulator & Network Designer 

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1. Network Simulator: The network simulator provides a simulated environment, where you can configure a router. Either you can use the default network or use a network that you had recently configured and saved. Detailed instructions are available with Network Simulator section.
Also, please note that the software is updated to provide better features and fix any known bugs from time to time. The help file may be out of sync at time as the help file updated less frequently. 

2. Network Designer:  The network designer section supports routers, switches, and terminal devices. It also support different types of interfaces including serial, ethernet, and isdn. Use this tool to design your network. The network can be exported and used with the simulator. Please see respective help sections for detailed help with Network Designer.

3. Supported Commands: At this time, a limited set of widely used commands are supported. We intend to increase the supported commands progressively during the future releases of the software.

4. Feedback welcome: While every care is taken in preparing lab exercises and the router simulator. We would be glad to receive your feedback regarding any improvements. Email your response to info@certexams.com. The website and the router simulator is made available through Anand Software and Training P. Ltd., Bangalore, India.

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